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Top 9 highest paying government jobs in India? [Handpicked List]

Do want to know about the Top 9 highest paying government jobs in India? Well, you have landed on the right place.

Top 9 highest paying government jobs in India

A lot of people just like you are eager to know about

  • Which govt job has the highest salary in India?
  • Highest paying govt jobs in India
  • Best govt jobs in India with the highest salary

So we are here to answer your all of the above questions. We have a handpicked list of top 10 highest paying government jobs.

Nowadays, most of the youngsters prefer govt jobs above any other option due to the perks and benefits provided by the govt jobs. No other career option gives you as many benefits as the govt jobs provide. Additionally, people prefer stable and secure jobs over anything else. So that’s the biggest reason candidates prefer govt jobs.

Lakhs of candidates apply for the latest govt jobs each year and many of them get appointed on various posts. If you are also preparing for the govt jobs, then you can check our detailed guide on What are the qualifications for government jobs?

Top 9 Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

  1. IAS Officer (Indian Administrative Service)
  2. IFS Officer (Indian Foreign Service)
  3. IPS Officer (Indian Police Service)
  4. IFoS Officer (Indian Forest Service)
  5. Defense Services
  6. Scientist/ Engineer
  7. IES Officer (Indian Engineering Services)
  8. PSU Jobs
  9. Bank PO

Govt jobs are known for providing a fair amount of pay. Even, basic pay for freshers starts from 20,000 – 30,000 rupees. But there are many govt jobs that provide much higher salaries than that. So below is the detailed list consisting of all of the highest paying govt jobs in India.

9. Bank PO

Bank PO is one of the most popular govt jobs among the youngsters. And that is the reason competition for these bank jobs is very high.

A Bank Probationary Officer or Bank PO is responsible for

  • Addressing issues and complaints of the customers.
  • Supervising clerical work.
  • Supervising employees.
  • Managing loan and loan-related documents.
  • Managing branch activities.

Bank PO is a multitasking job. So there are many other tasks that these officers perform on the daily basis.

Candidates holding a graduation degree with or above 60% marks can apply for the Bank PO exam.

Bank PO job provides many benefits and perks. Such as:

  • House rent allowance
  • Travel expenses allowance
  • Medical facilities allowance
  • Dearness allowance
  • Special allowance for newspapers, petrol, etc.

These are some of the perks and benefits Bank PO job provides.

The basic salary for IBPS Bank PO is Rs. 23700, which goes up to Rs. 42020 after increments. Employees are promoted in terms of pay rank. Bank conducts many exams for Bank POs to promote their rank. So there are many chances of growth in this field.

8. PSU Jobs

An enterprise, that is owned by the government of India or state government or both, is known as the public sector undertaking (PSU). The majority of the stocks in these companies are held by the government.

There are many PSUs in India such as BHEL, SAIL, ONGC, NTPC, IOCL, Coal India, and BSNL, etc. There are many highest paying govt jobs in these PSUs. So, candidates who don’t like the corporate world, they choose the PSU jobs. These jobs provide many allowances and benefits as listed below.

  • Shift allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Mobile allowance (every 2 years)
  • Laptop allowance (every 3 years)
  • Job Security
  • Car loan and vehicle expenses allowance
  • and many more

PSUs are divided into several groups such as Maharashtra, Miniratna, and Navaratna, etc. So allowances and perks can vary from organization to organization.

Candidates for most PSU jobs are selected through the GATE examination (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering).

These PSUs offer a pretty decent salary to the employees. The basic salary of a PSU employee starts from Rs. 60,000. But after adding all of the perks and allowances, the in-hand salary goes up to Rs. 80,000 – 90,000.

7. IES (Indian Engineering Service)

IES or Indian Engineering Service is one of the most reputed and well paid Indian govt jobs. These officers are responsible for administrating technical areas of different govt organizations such as Railways, Defense, and IT Sector, etc.

IES is a Grade A jobs just like IAS and IPS, but it is specifically a very technical service. These officers serve in the technical areas of different govt sectors. So its not fair to compare this job with the administrative services.

UPSC conducts Engineering Services Examination (ESE) to select candidates for the post of IES (Indian Engineering Service). This examination is conducted in the three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interviews/ Personality test. Candidates clearing this examination are then selected for the post of IES and posted in different areas.

Usually, IES officers get as many perks and benefits as other Grade-A officers. These perks and benefits include Free accommodation with households, Free medical services, Free electricity, and Free mobile and internet facility, etc.

Salary Of An IES Officer

Indian Engineering Service falls under the Grade A category of Indian govt jobs, so they get a pretty decent salary. The complete information about the different positions and salary is discussed below.

Rank/ PostBasic Salary
Assistant Executive Director21,000
Executive Director22,200
Joint Director23,200
Joint General Manager47,400
Additional General Manager67,000
Senior General Manager80,000

The basic salary of an IES officer (Indian Engineering Service) starts from Rs. 21,000 and goes up to as high as Rs. 90,000. Apart from the basic salary, IES officers get various perks, allowances, and other privileges. Candidates are promoted from time to time in the terms of both pay level and rank.

6. Scientists/ Engineers

If you love researching and developing new things, then the job of Scientist or Engineer is maybe for you. Govt organizations like ISRO, DRDO, and BARC, etc hire candidates for the research purpose and development. Most of the work at these organizations is to research, design, & develop new systems and test existing systems.

Candidates, who have completed their engineering degree in first class (60% or above) are eligible for these jobs. These organizations release recruitment notifications to hire candidates. If you are interested in working with these reputed organizations, then you should keep an eye on the latest govt jobs notifications.

Here are some of the benefits and perks these jobs provide.

  • Excellent work environment
  • Free medical facilities
  • Education allowance for children
  • House rent allowance
  • Professional update allowance
  • Provident fund
  • Travel allowances
  • After retirement benefits such as pension etc.
  • and many more.

The in-hand salary for Scientist/ Engineer jobs at ISRO & DRDO starts from Rs. 95,059 and goes up to Rs. 1,07,635. Scientists and engineers are promoted every four years based on their performance. A committee reviews the performance and then give them an appraisal accordingly.

5. Defense Services

Defense Services are one of the most respected and reputed jobs in India. Along with a well-paid salary, this sector provides many other perks and benefits such as:

  • Free ration
  • Medical allowance
  • Free accommodation
  • Education allowance for children
  • High altitude allowance
  • Pension after retirement
  • and many other allowances and benefits

Defense jobs are one of the highest paying government jobs in India. But do not choose this career by just getting lured by these perks and benefits. Because the Defense jobs are usually very tough. And these jobs are not for everyone. You should go for this career only if you really have a dream to serve the country.

Defense Jobs can be further divided into the three following sub-categories.

a. Indian Army

Indian Army is the land-based branch of the Indian Armed Forces. Chief Of Army Staff professionally heads the army. The president of India is the supreme commander of the Indian Amry.

The Indian Army is responsible for protecting the country from external and internal threats. There are many sub-branches of the Indian Army such as BSF (Border Security Force), CPRF (Central Reserve Police Force), and many more. Each sub-branch of the Indian Army has its own specific tasks.

Most of the youngsters fulfills their dream of serving country by joining Indian Army.

b. Indian Navy

Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. Its primary objective is to protect the country from various threats through the oceans.

Chief Of Naval Staff commands the Navy while the President of India acts as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy.

It is the first choice for many youngsters nowadays because of the adventurous lifestyle of Indian Navy officers.

c. Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Indian Armed Forces. It is responsible for protecting the country through the air. Air Force officers are commonly known as Air Warriors.

Chief Of Air Staff is responsible for the operational commands of the Air Force. While the President of India serves as the Supreme Commander.

Candidates, who have studied Physics and Mathematics in 12th are eligible for the Indian Air Force.

Salary Of The Defense Officers

Defense jobs are know for offering a well paid salary. These basic salary structure of these jobs is as following.

Rank/ PostBasic Salary
Lance Naik30,000
Naib Subedar45,000
Subedar Major65,000
Lieutenant Colonel1,12,000
Major General1,44,200
Lieutenant General1,82,200

The basic salary for the Defense Officers starts from Rs. 25,000 and goes up to Rs. 2,50,000. This is the most basic salary of the defense service officers. Different types of allowances such as High aptitude allowance etc are added into their salary as per their service.

4. IFoS (Indian Forest Services)

IFoS or Indian Forest Services comes under the All India Services along with the IAS and IPS. The IFoS officers are responsible for implementing the National Forest Policy. These officials manage National Parks (NP) Tiger Reserves (TR), Wildlife Sanctuaries (WLS), and other Protected Areas (PA).

If you are a nature lover, then this post is especially for you. You can convert your passion of serving mother nature into a profession.

Candidates for the post of IFoS (Indian Forest Services) are selected through the All India Forest Examination conducted by the UPSC. This examination is conducted in three stages – Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and Interview.

Candidates clearing all of the above three stages are then sent for two years of training at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy. As an All India Service Officer, These candidates are liable to serve both state and center government.

IFoS officers get many perks and benefits like Free accommodation or at minimal rates. household helpers, free electricity, free internet, and mobile facility, retirement benefits, and many other benefits.

Salary Of An IFoS Officer

Indian Forest Services job is one of the well-paid Indian govt jobs. The perks, benefits, salary, and other allowances differentiate this job from others in the list of highest paying government jobs. The salary and other benefits depend on the rank of the officers. So here is the tabular detail about all of the ranks and their salary details.

Rank/ PostBasic Salary
Probationary Officer / Assistant Conservator / Asst. Dy. Conservator of Forests / ACF Trainees in the field / Range56,100
Deputy Conservator of Forests67,700
Deputy Conservator of Forests (Selection Grade)1,23,100
Conservator of Forests1,31,100
Chief Conservator of Forests1,44,200
Additional Principal Chief Conservator / Chief Wildlife Warden1,82,200
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests2,05,400
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force)2,25,000

The salary of an IFoS Officer (Indian Forest Services) starts from Rs. 56,100 and goes up to maximum Rs. 2,25,000. This is the most basic salary of these officials without any allowance. Different types of allowances are added to their salaries as per the rank of the officers. Candidates get time to time promotions in the terms of pay-level and post-rank.

3. IPS (Indian Police Services)

IPS (Indian Police Services) is one of the most prestigious civil services next to the IAS. An IPS officer is responsible for implementing law and order in his area. IPS officers are responsible for the collection of intelligence and counterintelligence, providing security to the VIPs, preventing crimes, and commanding different organizations like Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), RAW & National Security Guard (NSG), etc.

IPS along with IAS is the most important pillar in the security system of India. Indian Police Services (IPS) protects the democracy and integrity of India.

Candidates for the post of IPS are selected through the Civil Services Examination (CSE), which is conducted by the UPSC. The complete selection process is conducted in three stages – Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and the Interview.

Candidates clearing all of the above three steps are then sent for the training in any training center. And finally, after completing their training, candidates can join the post an IPS.

IPS officers get many perks and other advantages. An IPS officer gets free accommodation, an official car, free electricity, free mobile & internet expenses, medical facilities, and many other benefits and advantages.

Salary Of An IPS Officer

Salary of an IPS officer depends upon the rank and grade of the officer. Different grades & ranks and their salary is mentioned below.

Rank/ PostSalary
Deputy Superintendent of Police56,100
Additional Superintendent of Police67,700
Senior Superintendent of Police78,800
Deputy Inspector General of Police1,31,100
Inspector-General of Police1,44,200
Director-General of Police2,05,400
Director-General of Police/ Director of IB or CBI2,25,000

The salary of an IPS officer starts from Rs. 56,100 and goes up to as high as Rs. 2,25,000. Officers are promoted in the terms of rank and pay-level as per their experience and performance.

2. IFS (Indian Foreign Services)

An IFS officer is responsible for representing India in international territory. IFS officers deal with the external affairs of the country like Trade, Diplomacy, Protecting National Interests, and Promoting Cultural & Friendly Relations, etc.

IFS is a secure job which provides many benefits like free international accommodation, free transportation, luxury car, free education for their children, free medical care, and many other benefits.

These officers spend around two-thirds of their careers abroad and one-third in India. While these officials are posted in India, they work at the headquarters of the Ministry Of External Affairs In New Delhi.

As this is a diplomatic civil service and falls under Group A and B. So candidates for this job are chosen through the Civil Services Exams conducted by the UPSC. These exams are conducted in three steps: Prelims, Mains, and interviews. First, candidates need to clear the Prelims exams. And then, candidates clearing the Prelims exam are applicable for Mains. Lastly, an interview is conducted to select candidates clearing both exams. Candidates holding Graduation Degree can apply for these jobs.

Salary Of An IFS Officer

Before talking about the salary of an IFS officer. We should know about the different grades of this job. Different grades and their salary is as follows:

Rank/ PostSalary
Junior Time Scale8000 – 14000/-
Senior Time Scale10650 – 16000/-
Junior Administrative Scale12750 – 17000/-
Selection Grade15100 – 18500/-
Senior Administrative Scale18400 – 22500/-
High Commissioner / Ambassador26000/-

This is the most basic salary detail without any type of allowance. Different types of allowances are added to the salary of an IFS officer as per his rank and posting location.

The overall salary of IFS officials in India is Rs. 60,000/- including all allowances and other benefits. But the salary varies if the officer is posted in any foreign country. Then their salary goes up to Rs. 2.40 lakhs per month including foreign allowance. For example, if an IFS officer is posted in the USA, then his salary will go up to Rs. 2,40,000 per month. So it is the foreign allowance, which makes a huge difference in the salary of an IFS officer.

1. IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is the premier administrative civil service. It is one of the most prestigious and well-sought Grade-A government jobs. It is the topmost administrative post in the Indian govt jobs hierarchy among 24 other jobs like IFS, IPS, IRS, etc.

IAS officers are responsible for helping the government in creating policies, implementing those policies, maintaining law & order, collecting revenues, and supervising expenditures of the public funds.

Candidates for the post of IAS are selected through the UPSC CSE (civil services exam). Candidates holding a bachelor’s degree can apply for this exam. The UPSC CSE exam is conducted in the three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview. UPSC CSE is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. However, you can clear its all rounds with your hard work and patience.

IAS officers get all of the perks provided by Grade A govt jobs such as a bungalow with households like cooks, gardeners, servants, etc. A car with blue or red beacons, security, mobile & internet expenses, and pension after retirement.

Salary Of An IAS Officer

IAS officers are one of the well-paid govt officers among the highest paying government jobs in India. The salary of an IAS officer depends on his/her post and rank. Different ranks and their salaries according to the 7th pay commission are discussed below.

Rank/ PostSalary
SDM, Assistant or Under Secretary56,100
ADM, Deputy or Under Secretary67,700
DM, Deputy or Joint Secretary78,800
DM or Special Secretary-cum-Director1,18,500
Divisional Commissioner or Joint Secretary1,44,200
Principal Secretary or Additional Secretary1,82,200
Additional Chief Secretary2,05,400
Chief Secretary2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary of India2,50,000

The salary of an IAS officer starts from Rs. 56,100 and goes up to Rs, 2,50,000. Rank and the salary of these officers are promoted from time to time based on their performance and experience.

Infographic of the highest paying government jobs in India


We have shared the top 9 highest paying government jobs in India. All of the salaries are mentioned according to the current and latest 7th pay commission. As soon as the government introduces any new pay commission, we will update this data.

If you are confused between the above list of jobs that which job you should choose. Then you should listen to your heart. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.

Because you are going to do that work for the rest of your life. If you are not enjoying your work, then you will feel trapped in a loop for the whole life. So we advise you to choose what you love.

If you have any questions regarding this post, then please comment down below. You can share this post with those, who may need to know about the highest paying government jobs in India.

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